About Me

I am a writer, an online program content manager, and a program development consultant for the renowned Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and other organizations.

As a writer, I have appeared in a variety of print and online publications. Recent publications include a personal essay, “Wisdom is Not in the Newspaper,” in the November 2011 issue of the Shambhala Sun. Other essays of note include “Love’s Legacy Lost” in the September 2009 issue of the Shambhala Sun and “My Marital Status” in the December 2007 issue of The Sun magazine. That essay is anthologized in three collections: Right Here with You: Bringing Mindful Awareness into Our Relationships; The Best Buddhist Writing 2008; and The Mysterious Life of the Heart: Writing from The Sun about Passion, Longing, and Love.

My interviews with Pema Chödrön, Marion Woodman, and Sister Joan Chittister–all published in The Sun–are part of an ongoing series of talks with prominent women who have most influenced me. I am thinking I might interview my mother, but I’ve a feeling I already know what she’ll say.

As an online program content manager I develop, edit, and manage online programs for websites devoted to spiritual growth and personal transformation. Recent clients include Spirituality & Practice and the distinguished meditation teacher and author Sylvia Boorstein. Together we developed two successful online programs in 2010. The first was titled “Lovingkindness” and the second was titled “The Liberating Power of Mindfulness.” Both programs are now available as “on-demand” courses. From October 10, 2011 to November 4, 2011, Spirituality & Practice is running a course I worked on with renowned Jungian analyst and author, James Hollis. To learn more about this program or to sign up, please visit: http://bit.ly/HollisRetreat. To learn more about Sylvia Boorstein’s on-demand courses, please visit spiritualityandpractice.com.

Until January 2011, I worked at Omega for more than 20 years in both the programming and marketing departments. I had the pleasure of bringing to Omega and hosting dozens of renowned teachers, writers, artists, and performers, including Pema Chödrön, Thomas Moore, Sylvia Boorstein, Nick Flynn, Robert Thurman, Natalie Goldberg, and Meredith Monk.

In addition, I initiated, developed, and produced a number of multi-faculty events, including programs cosponsored with Shambhala Sun magazine and the New York Center for Jungian Studies, and on subjects ranging from social media, drama, and writing.

While my major programming interests are contemplative studies, writing, and psychological and spiritual inquiry and development, my other programming interests include cooking, yoga, relationships, and personal growth. And the more fickle area of “whatever tickles my fancy.”

I also have another blog that covers the areas of writing and meditation, two of my favorite things to do. The blog is writingandmeditation.com. And I teach a related workshop, “Memoir as Buddhist Practice: A Writing & Meditation Retreat,” with Rikki Asher, a Chan (Zen) practitioner for more than 30 years and director of art education at Queens College in New York City. It’s an inspiring and fun workshop; you learn a lot about writing and meditation, and, in the process, about yourself. . To find out more about this workshop, please visit my website, jameskullander.com, or Omega’s website, eomega.org.

I hold a master of divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary in New York City where, as part of my studies, I was a student chaplain in the psychiatric unit at Lenox Hill Hospital and witnessed the sometimes very, very fine line between sanity and insanity. Of even if there is a line.

Speaking of which, I am in the final stages of completing of a novel, God help me.

I live in New York’s Hudson Valley and make frequent trips to Nova Scotia’s Cape Breton Island. I took the photo above during a walk a few miles from Gampo Abbey, a Buddhist monastic community on the northern tip of Cape Breton (next stop, Newfoundland), where I seek refuge from email, texts, Facebook, Twitter, and blogging (we all need a break sometimes) during silent, solitary retreats in a small cabin on the grounds there overlooking the vast, changeable, and beautiful St. Lawrence Bay.

I recently formed my own company, Skillful Means Productions, to develop and produce workshops, conferences, professional trainings, and online programs that focus on contemplative approaches to living a meaningful, interesting, and happy life.

Most of my recent published work is available either in part or in full on my website, jameskullander.com.


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